Hi, I’m Veerle

Are you stuck in following your own path, in realizing your entrepreneurial dream or in creating the right empowering working environment in your company? It’s my mission to help you as a purpose-driven individual, entrepreneur or a corporate to discover the infinite possibilities to go from being stuck to movement. On one condition: you are willing to make a change and dare to venture onto roads less travelled.

Choose your route to movement…

Entrepreneurial growth

Being on a pursuit to realize your entrepreneurial dream is not always easy. Let me support you!

Managing/finding your top team

Managing or finding the right team can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Let me help you!

Change career

You made a choice to make a change. This can be frightening. How to get started? Let me be your guide along the way.

Your growth accelerators

Peer advisory board

Sharpen your personal and business skills in a supportive group who will challenge you to set powerful goals and more importantly, to accomplish them.

brand your true story

People buy true stories not products. Use storytelling and a podcast as a way to find your true story and brand yourself or your company.

About me

Einstein once said: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. I totally agree. Sometimes that makes me feel like an alien, but perhaps Einstein did also feel that way, because I always look at things from a different perspective and empower others to use the wisdom of many to achieve the success they are striving for.

To do so, I use methodologies that are slightly different. For example I combine my knowledge of Art of Hosting, Theory U and Mastermind with my skills as a certified Talent and Happiness Coach and the skills I acquired during my 15 years as an HR professional. Having worked for both established corporates and disruptive startups, I also know a thing or two about business models. Do you dare to go on that road less travelled with me?

The healing power of storytelling

In my search of steps to take on the revolutionary path of Being Me, I started making podcasts with people that have taken such steps. During these interviews I discovered that the fact that I take the time to really listen to their story, proved healing for them and for me.

Their stories have made me realize that successful people also had to go through different crises to grow and that beautiful things emerge when you make choices from the heart. For the people I interviewed it turned out that through our interaction and the translation of their story into a podcast and blog, they also gained insight into themselves.

I am sure listening to their honest stories will have its effect on you and hopefully inspires you to share your own story with the rest of the world. After all: everybody has a story and sharing it is healing for you as a storyteller and for anyone who really dares to listen.

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