A revolutionary act of being me

After a successful career of 15 years in Human Resources, I decided to become self-employed and create my own job some 4 years ago.

It felt like entering a candy store: so much to try, so much to explore, so much to consume. But you know what happens if you eat lots of different candy in a short period of time….

I reached that point in February 2018. I was physically and mentally broken. In the following months I (finally) understood I needed to learn to focus and follow my compass of joy. Blinded by all the wonderful possibilities being self-employed promised, I lost touch with what really made my heart sing…. Over the last months I have looked back on the many experiments I’ve done. I started diving deep into myself and carefully tested which steps would get me going on my path of truly Being Me.

It has become clear to me that it’s my calling to help you as a purpose-driven individual, an entrepreneur or a corporate to discover the infinite possibilities to go from being stuck to movement. It is my mission to support you to follow your own unique path and to create a whole new view on the concept of working.